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Why Your Air Conditioner Need Service

Why Air Cond need service?

One of the basic things the air conditioner does is collect dust and dirt from the air to keep it clean, and then provides fresh air back into the air. If the air conditioning unit is not serviced regularly, the dirt and dust will begin to build up and get deposited in the filters. Over time, this dirt and dust will begin to affect how well your AC is working because it makes the AC unit have to work even harder.

Below are some of the guidance for your reference on how frequent your shall service your air conditioner.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Necessary

There are many benefits of servicing your air conditioning unit once a year. You will have increased dependability in your Air conditioner following the service, and will worry far less about having a major problem arise. You will have much more faith in your air conditioner lasting for another year to keep your home nice and cool during the hot summer months.

If any problems are found during the service, they can be fixed promptly before they getting into more serious and more expensive problems. This is the number one way that air conditioning maintenance saves you money. Having to fix a small leak is a lot cheaper than having to replace a major part of your AC unit.

1. Regular user of air conditioner and you use it almost every day

There are many people who cannot live without air conditioner and air conditioner is a daily need for them. It is highly recommended to this group of people to take up a quarterly servicing contract which ensures that the aircon is serviced every 3 months. This will keep it at an optimal running condition which bodes well for you, especially since it is so integral to your daily life!

Most air-conditioning contractors offer a quarterly contract which is usually at a cheaper rate than an ad hoc service.

2. You only switch on the aircon when it is unusually hot

A large proportion of our customers fall under this class, and amazingly, we’ve detected they have an inclination to be in their 50s or older. maybe they stem from the age wherever air-conditioner in homes weren’t the norm?

Regardless, if you are one of them under this class, the recommendation on top of still applies: you must service your air-conditioner a minimum of each half-yearly.

Even if you’re feeling that this can be not necessary, to confirm that the unit lasts longer, you must a minimum clean the air conditioner filter and wash it. This could be simply be done by lifting up the air conditioner flap and confiscating the filters.Otherwise, devour a half-yearly contract with air-conditioning contractor you trust.

3. You seldom use your aircon, probably once in a blue moon:

The minimum frequency an air-conditioner should be serviced is once every 6 months, regardless of usage. This is to ensure that your air conditioner unit is still in good working order. Nobody would like to experience non-functioning air conditioner when it is needed most especially during hot weather day or when there are guests visiting you.

There are cases of unfavorable pests (cockroaches, ants or worms,) making their homes in unused air conditioner units. Try to avoid this happen to you!

If you are still not very sure, we strongly advise you that at least take up a yearly inspection on your air conditioner unit.

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Why Air Cond Need Service

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