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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

1. Clean or replace the Filters
Every air conditioner has an air filter. And if you don’t change or clean it, the airflow will be weak and ineffective. For central AC units, Mejean recommends checking it every 30 to 60 days to see if it’s dirty or dusty—lifestyle makes a big difference, since people who have kids or pets might have to change it every month, while those who don’t have too many visitors or animals might only need to swap it out every two to three months. It is recommended to use pleated filters since they can trap dirt and dust more efficiently.

For window, wall-mounted, or portable units, you can open the air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s instructions and remove the filter to clean. Your may dust off the filter and rinse with lukewarm soapy water, then dry. After the filter is completely dry, place it back in the unit. I would recommend cleaning every two weeks.

2. Air Conditioner sealing
It is also important to check the seal between the conditioner unit and the window frame and ensure that both are in contact. The rubber seal is susceptible to damage by moisture. If the sealing has become brittle, it is good to replace it to avoid any compressed air loses and thus saving energy.

3. Routine Aircon repair
It is important to have professional aircon maintenance at least at the start of every summer. This ensures that you get the best comfort your air conditioner can give. Waiting until the aircon breaks down would push up the cost of repair.

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